Parent & Tot Classes

Carefully designed age-appropriate lesson plans will enhance the adventure for you and your
child as you experience the joy of movement. Our spacious facility is the perfect place for
these young explorers to run, jump, climb, stretch and tumble to their hearts' delight.
Pre-School Classes

(3 yrs., 4 yrs. & 4-5 yrs.) Every child is a success as he or she masters basic skills
step-by-step. Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and, most importantly, self-confidence
are all improved in a class where the focus is always fun.
288 Route 6
Mahopac, NY  10541
Developmental Classes

(Kindergarten & after-school) Students will enjoy the challenges of learning gymnastics skills
age and ability. Advanced students must be recommended for invitational classes.
Invitational: Odyssey Stars

For students who demonstrate intermediate skill levels. Must be approved for registration.
Available once or twice a week.
Team Program

A team program is offered for those children seeking to test their abilities in the field of
gymnastics competition. Our team will compete in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic
Program. Please call for availability and competitive levels.

Students are entitled to make-up 2 missed classes. One make-up day may be done in a
regularly scheduled class that is appropriate for your child. An additional make-up class may
be scheduled during the Make-up Week at the end of the session. Make-up classes must be
scheduled through the Office prior to the class.
Sibling Policy
(If, in an emergency, you must bring a sibling to a class, please follow guidelines listed below)

  • Older siblings must be able to sit quietly in the party room.
  • Siblings are not allowed to participate in the class. It is neither safe nor fair
    for the children who are registered for that class. (Note: Siblings / friends who
    wait in the Lobby and/or upstairs are the parent's responsibility).
Inclement Weather

If classes need to be cancelled or delayed due to poor weather, please call Odyssey
(845-621-4924) starting at 8am for morning classes. Messages will be updated for
afternoon and evening classes at 12 Noon and 3pm.
Gym & Observation Room Rules
  • Parents are responsible for their own children while in the Observation areas.
                       **NO CHILD IS TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED.
  • Parents are not allowed in the gym at any time unless invited. This is for the
    safety of the gymnasts.
  • Sounds from the upstairs viewing area easily carry into the Gym. Please
    refrain from engaging in loud conversation.
  • Children should NOT run or jump on the bleachers.
  • Parents should not interact with their child during the classes; this is
    distracting for the child and interrupts the teaching process.
Gym Attire
  • Leotards are recommended for all girls in pre-school and afternoon classes.
    You may also wear shorts and a T-shirt. (Camisoles and tank tops are NOT
    appropriate attire)
  • Boys should wear elastic waist shorts and tucked in shirts.                           
    No belts or jeans. Shorts must be free of belts, buckles and zippers.
  • Shoulder length hair has to be put into a pony tail.
  • No jewelry allowed in the gym.
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