Welcome To Odyssey Gymnastics
The Journey from Childhood to Adulthood is unique for every individual. Odyssey Gymnastics
strives to enhance that experience for each child by providing an exciting, educational and
fun-filled program. Children of all ages will have the opportunity to develop improved physical
fitness as well as positive self-esteem through their involvement in gymnastics activities.
Their confidence will be bolstered as they achieve mastery of physical skills and realize their
personal goals. Through gymnastics they will improve in flexibility, strength, coordination,
balance and endurance in ways that will be of lifelong benefit.
You and your friends will experience  an action-packed, fun filled hour and a half. Our trained
instructors will supervise the kids as they swing on bars, jump on trampolines, climb, and
tumble through obstacle courses. These experienced and energetic instructors will lead games
& other activities appropriate to the ages of the participants and birthday child. The party
doesn't stop in the gym because for the next half hour it's off to our brightly lit, festive party
room to continue the fun!
Birthday Parties - 4 Years & Older
288 Route 6
Mahopac, NY  10541
Odyssey Gymnastics
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